Navitaire – Embracing Predictive AnalyticsEmbracing predictive analytics: Navitaire Ancillary Pricing Optimization

Don’t Leave Revenue Up in the Air
Navitaire and its clients are known throughout the industry for their skill in driving impressive ancillary sales results. Success has inspired Navitaire to take its integrated reservations and ancillary sales solution and enhance it by adding an innovative predictive analytics engine to help clients offer “Smart Ancillaries” to their customers. Without predictive analytics, airlines leave ancillary revenue on the table, missing opportunities to improve margins and the traveler experience.

Why Navitaire Analytics?
Airlines with strong ancillary sales track records are a natural fit for using predictive analytics capabilities. As carriers increase their reliance on ancillary sales to boost profitability, they often find that they need specialized tools to continuously optimize promotion of the correct ancillary product, at the right time, through the right channel. Yet, most airlines lack the tools to optimize ancillary revenue — and traditional revenue management systems are not designed to solve the problem.

Navitaire Analytics leverages the rich data collected by Navitaire platforms and our carriers. We built on this data, working closely with global leaders, to add advanced optimization capabilities to our solution set. Given Navitaire’s deep experience with ancillaries, online sales and the sophisticated systems that power the leaders in this area, we are well-poised to create the advanced solutions to bridge this gap.

Ancillary Pricing Optimization
Navitaire’s latest product, Ancillary Pricing Optimization (APO), is an integrated, open architecture solution that helps carriers offer ancillary services to customers, based on experimentation with variations in timing, customer type, market, price point and other variables. The solution is the result of collaboration between Navitaire, Accenture and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The new Navitaire solution offers clients multiple options, ranging from a basic version employing ancillary pricing optimization using randomized pricing experiments, to an enhanced offering which includes a powerful dynamic pricing engine and guided assistance with Navitaire’s analytics team.

Both options deliver a lower cost solution with simplified startup effort that is fully integrated with Navitaire’s leading solutions for reservations and online sales, to help give your company an edge over the competition via a faster start and improved compatibility with your sales platform.

Leading the Way
APO is where the airline industry is going. Better ancillary pricing controls can improve the customer experience with new data insight, helping carriers encourage traveler preference and loyalty. Well-designed experiments can also provide significant revenue uplift opportunities. By helping our clients improve performance in critical revenue centers, Navitaire will continue to stay on the forefront of the field of predictive analytics and lead the way into the travel industry of tomorrow.

Learn More
We invite you to learn more about this exciting new arena by viewing our whitepaper on Airline Pricing Optimization and Predictive Analytics.

  • Read the white paper, Three secrets to success for Ancillary Pricing Optimization. Are you making the most of your ancillary sales revenue potential? If you aren’t using predictive analytics to optimize ancillary pricing, the answer is “No”. It’s time to explore taking ancillary revenue to the next level while improving the traveler experience. Why? Because your competitors already are.