Navitaire – Low-Cost Carrier ModelTake Full Advantage of the Low-Cost Carrier Model Without Limiting Your Options

Navitaire lets you remain true to the pure Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) model of point-to-point services and predominantly direct distribution. In fact, many of the world’s largest and most successful LCCs rely on Navitaire services to support their ultra-low-cost model today and give them the flexibility to adapt and extend their model in the future. As the leading technology partner for these services for many of the world's best-known low-cost carriers, only Navitaire has the experience and expertise to help you succeed:

  • Proven solution, reduced risk. Navitaire’s New Skies solution is in use by over 50 carriers today, many of which started off as a pure LCC business model, and several of which have retained this model.
  • Grow with confidence. Navitaire solutions are powerful and scalable. Small or large, Navitaire has the services and technology to meet your needs and keep you growing. Navitaire not only serves many of the industry’s most successful LCCs, it works with airlines of all sizes, ranging from 1 million to over 120 million annual passengers.
  • Leverage the power of direct sales channels. Besides offering the industry-leading Internet flight booking platform, Navitaire makes it easy to put integrated shopping cart functionality on your website. Generate ancillary revenues by offering car rentals, insurance, hotels, activities, seat fees, merchandise and more with online bookings — all conveniently stored in one Super PNR. Keep your business model simple and your back-end costs low while capturing a greater share of your customers’ travel spend.
  • Mobilize passenger services and maximize self-service. Connect with customers on the go and arm them with convenient access to information and services to help them manage their trip. New Skies' extensive set of Web Services provides a wide range of customer self-service options for mobile, kiosk and online services for bookings, changes, check-in, add-on sales and more, all tailored to your brand.
  • Deploy services to new markets. New Skies makes it easy to set up schedules, fares, currencies and even taxes for new markets.
  • Add partners and new distribution channels easily. Navitaire is ready with adaptive technology if you opt to broaden your distribution model. With Navitaire, you can easily expand into codeshare or interline partnerships, add travel agency sales via GDS and integrate with e-ticket platforms all while keeping your costs low and your business model simple.
  • Enjoy real-time, flexible access to data for reporting, research and more with Navitaire’s Data Store. The Data Store provides a flexible platform to let you develop custom reports and conduct intensive data processing using replicated production business data including bookings, passengers, trip details, fees, credits, agency transactions, fares, taxes, payments and schedules.
  • Keep costs low and add new capabilities tomorrow with Navitaire’s pay-as-you-go model. Navitaire’s modular software and services can support your business at any stage of its development. The modular approach helps deliver services at the lowest cost, and offers the flexibility to easily add new features as your business grows. Many Navitaire services are based on the community software model, letting you share in the ideas of others while helping minimize the cost of changes.
  • Manage revenues and markets with minimal staff. Navitaire’s revenue management tools are uniquely built for low-cost airlines and those that compete with them. SkyPrice, for example, simultaneously manages price and seat inventory and allows you to manage markets with fewer analysts.
  • Capture revenues for accounting, financial reconcilliation and reporting. SkyLedger provides extensive accounting controls, immediately creates accounting records for every transaction and lets you settle directly with partners and customers using industry settlement processes.

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