Navitaire – Navitaire Continues to GrowNavitaire Continues to Grow

The travel industry continues to rebound with more passengers taking to the skies, the rails and roadways all around the world.

This trend helped our clients, and in turn Navitaire, reach new heights. Navitaire clients continue to grow at a fast pace, with a keen ability to tap new sources, expand their global footprint and add more business partners to help support higher performance.

Navitaire continues to secure more new airline clients and key renewals. Navitaire solutions help these companies differentiate their service by creating fresh new experiences to attract and expand their customer base.

We’re looking forward to another promising year as the industry continues to build momentum. Together with our clients, Navitaire remains focused on helping to move the industry forward.

We are Growing

  • More than 654 million passengers boarded annually
  • The vast majority of these reservations were taken via the Internet

Ancillary Revenue Generation

Navitaire clients also continue to lead the industry in ancillary revenue generation. In 2018, eight of the top 10 (shown in blue) carriers relied on Navitaire solutions to help them achieve their impressive results in the elusive ancillary revenue category.

Our Customers

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