Navitaire – For Newly Launching AirlinesGet Started Right: Navitaire for Newly Launching Airlines

Navitaire has helped more than 55 newly launched airlines get started with reservations, revenue management or operations management systems. Our solutions can help your airline, too, with our leading systems, offering flexible products to get your staff and your operations going for an on-time departure.

With Navitaire, you can increase your confidence in several ways:

  • Advanced powerful systems used by successful new starts around the globe
  • Quick deployment to help you get started on time
  • Off-the-shelf products that let your team focus on the tasks that will differentiate your airline, and directly touch your customers to establish your brand
  • Solutions to help you prepare your carrier for the certification processes
  • Reduced cost-of-ownership for your initial investment, and ready to scale when your volume increases
  • Modular solutions to let you get started with lower risk, and add on additional capabilities if and when you need them
  • An integrated suite of systems offering improved compatibility to reduce integration challenges

Whether your company plans to become an ultra-low-cost, low-cost or hybrid carrier, Navitaire can help your airline take off and gain altitude quickly.

Looking to relaunch your airline? In today’s dynamic environment, some airlines are revamping their business plan and rethinking their model in response to market conditions. Aligning with the right services and partners is a key step on the path to growth and high performance. With a relaunch, your company can gain a fresh start by selecting the right products and services tailored to support your plans, including an integrated suite of services to support the full spectrum of airline services.

Here’s how Navitaire can help you get started:

Customer-Centric Passenger Management System
From reservations to check-in and reporting, New Skies has it covered. Understand your customers more clearly with New Skies’ unique ticketless model to capture, consolidate, and access more customer data. But you’re not limited to only ticketless transactions; you can also integrate with e-ticketing partners including GDS travel agencies and codeshare and interline partners.

With Navitaire, all reservations activity — flight, revenue and passenger — is centered on the customer, and not limited to an individual transaction or reservation PNR. This means travelers have ready self-service access to information to let them manage their current travel, review their past travel, or store vouchers and credits in their profile. When New Skies is combined with Navitaire Loyalty, customers can view the loyalty account online, track their loyalty credits and redeem award travel.

Customers can access this rich and detailed information from the web, mobile, kiosk, airport, or other platform. For air and rail companies, Navitaire’s open architecture and extensive suite of Web Services supports easy connections to payment providers, travel partners, mobile platforms and more.

Choose Your Channel — Maximizing Distribution Options to Reach New Travelers, and Optimize Profits through Ancillary Revenue Generation
Navitaire is a travel distribution specialist and has developed a full suite of distribution services to meet your needs. Whether your business model is focused on streamlined direct distribution or establishing strong connections with airline partners, industry partners, and ancillary services companies, Navitaire’s New Skies and Travel Commerce solutions are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Navitaire clients have some of the world’s highest Internet booking volumes, in aggregate, supported by the New Skies powerful and trusted online sales module. Navitaire reservation clients sell more than 60% of their sales online, with several clients selling more than 90% online.

While online and direct sales offer the most cost effective channel, more than 75% of Navitaire reservation clients also sell through other standard industry channels with their partners. To support this, Navitaire’s New Skies offers many distribution channels available today:

  • Call center
  • Web direct
  • Traditional GDS channels with any of 10 global and regional providers, either ticketless or with e-ticket integration
  • GDS connectivity via direct API connections
  • Codeshare partners with e-ticket integration, or ticketless
  • Interline partners with e-ticket integration, or ticketless
  • Booking Application Programming Interfaces (API)/Web Services to support integration with desktop applications, kiosks, self-service devices, mobile platforms, travel distributors and other services

Newly launching airlines can also deepen customer relationships with value-added services and higher margin ancillary products — from insurance to express boarding privileges, to activities, hotel rooms, car rental, or merchandise. Navitaire Travel Commerce supports both interactive booking with partners and locally hosted inventory.

Maximize Revenue with Revenue Management Tools Optimized for Your Airline
As a newly starting airline, getting as much revenue as possible is key to success. To do this, you need the tools to manage inventory and price in a dynamic environment with established competitors.

Are you competing with low-cost airlines and looking for the right tools to let you manage revenue across restriction-free LCC markets and traditional-priced legacy carrier markets? We’ve got the solution and one that your team is ready to use quickly. SkyPrice allows your team to simultaneously manage both seat inventory and price, and even incorporate ancillary revenue sales into the revenue management forecasts.

Rich and Detailed Revenue Data — Available When You Need It
Navitaire also offers revenue accounting solutions to help you track your sales, recognize your revenues, manage your liabilities and settle with partners.

SkyLedger offers your airline timely, reliable access to detailed information at the transaction level. This can help your airline in several ways:

  • Know flight revenue at the time of flight close-out. At flight close, Navitaire’s New Skies system generates transactions to feed the revenue data to the New Skies reporting platform and the SkyLedger revenue accounting system.
  • Automate the accounting ledger entries for each reservation change with confidence and with greater speed, greater accuracy and reduced manual effort
  • Gain access to detailed data with a comprehensive audit trail to aid research and audit compliance activities
  • Generate interline or codeshare invoices to receive payment from airline partners