Seizing new opportunities
via the cloud

Navitaire is one of the first technology providers to operate its entire airline platform in the cloud, giving its customers access to more flexibility, more scalability and more advanced technology.

Harness cloud technology to create better travel experiences

  • Scale resources based on demand to quickly adapt to changing workloads.
  • Get the newest functionality, features, security and enhancements with automated updates.
  • Optimize visibility with leading-edge monitoring and management tools.
  • Integrate with other partners operating in the cloud.

Leverage leading-edge cloud technology that supports modern offer and order retailing concepts

Moving the Navitaire Airline Platform to the cloud was a monumental step, but it isn’t the end of our journey. We’re committed to employing advanced technology to reinforce our position as a pioneering digital leader. We leverage cloud technology to:

  • Improve operational capabilities and stability
  • Automate resiliency
  • Help you unlock richer operational insights
  • Deliver new innovations faster than ever before

Navitaire is again leading the way with our evolution to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, giving developers an enhanced environment to build, deploy and manage applications without traditional infrastructure constraints. Our customers benefit from our cloud partner’s investments by:

  • Helping deliver a more consistent application state
  • Using containers to isolate applications and dependencies for greater stability
  • Redeploying resources to develop new opportunities for airlines to innovate and compete
  • Minimizing compatibility issues with packaged application dependencies and libraries

We’re now in the next phase of our cloud journey to deliver cloud-native applications. Cloud-native applications can provide:

  • Progressive microservices architecture so individual services can be developed, tested and deployed independently
  • More performant operating system support
  • More efficient runtime via reduced memory needs
  • Simplified enhancement and update deployment