Delighting travelers with personalization

Connect with customers across the travel journey with sophisticated digital, retailing and loyalty platforms.

Create personalized experiences for real people

  • Customize a variety of product packages and ancillary bundles.
  • Offer relevant products to unique travelers.
  • Create dynamic packages that adjust prices based on individual traveler choices.
  • Target specific markets and customer segments with specialized bundles.

Get connected

Navitaire's New Skies® and Navitaire Digital Platform allow you to connect with your customers throughout their entire travel journey using advanced development tools and customizable services.

  • Build flexible, scalable web, mobile and wearable applications accessible via any digital platform.
  • Enable customers to retrieve their information and redeem loyalty points in real time.
  • Create a passenger-friendly ecosystem to seamlessly manage bookings, check-ins, changes, cancellations, pricing, online payments and more.
  • Control the flow, function and aesthetics of all applications to build higher brand affinity.

Easy to use segmentation tools help you to offer curated products to solo, group, family, couples, business and other carrier-specified passenger groups.

  • Generate revenue from multiple integrated booking channels.
  • Conveniently capture all travelers’ itinerary and invoice details in a single source accessible 24/7.

Capitalize on new opportunities with our analytics-driven pricing for the products and services that are relevant to your passengers. Navitaire Dynamic Pricing can help you gain a competitive edge by optimizing pricing for airfare and ancillary products based on real-time data and pricing experimentation.

  • Deploy experiments with speed and precision and see real-time pricing performance.
  • Set hundreds of pricing parameters, configure calculations and add carrier-specific parameters.
  • Implement the optimal price for all ancillary products.
  • Drive results with our advanced, machine-learning solutions.
  • Engage experienced Navitaire analysts to help you develop ad analyze dynamic pricing models.