NDC & ONE Order:
Leading the future of retailing

Navitaire is recognized as a pivotal player, helping the industry usher in modern approaches using more advanced technology. The principles underpinning IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order initiatives have been the foundation of Navitaire’s solutions for many years, enabling Navitaire to be among the earliest providers to receive IATA ONE Order Capability certification. Navitaire’s deep experience is ready to help you explore new opportunities.

We’re at the forefront of industry innovation

  • Recognized pioneer in developing solutions with proven capabilities enabling digital transformation.
  • Integrated Offer and Order Management system supporting digital retailing using industry standard XML messaging.
  • Open, flexible NDC-enabled platform to push rich content and enable end-to-end airline distribution with more partners.
  • Navitaire’s SkyLedger® was the first revenue accounting system in the industry to achieve IATA ONE Order Capability certification.

Simplifying and modernizing the offer and order management process

Navitaire has been an NDC proponent from the start. Our systems have been built with the future of retailing in mind – years before it became popularized. Now, we’ve taken our leading retailing and e-commerce platform to the next level, to let you extend more revenue generating options with third parties. Using the new industry standards, customers can connect with more business partners and offer more value to their customers.

  • Leverage Navitaire’s extensive experience and leading capabilities in digital, retailing and ancillary sales to extend your merchandising reach to indirect channels.
  • Take greater control of offers by delivering rich content, bundles and personalized offers across more distribution partners using NDC standards.
  • Readily connect to NDC-enabled partners via the Navitaire NDC Gateway together with our New Skies® reservations platform.
  • Provide a more consistent offer and experience across channels throughout the customer journey.

Navitaire is a key champion helping the industry simplify and modernize the order management process to expand airline retailing and drive digital transformation. We’ve earned strong credentials based on decades of experience developing and operating ticketless reservations, revenue accounting and ancillary sales platforms. Our solutions were originally architected on ONE Order principles, designed for efficiency using a single record approach that manages both offer and order throughout the passenger lifecycle. This advantage enabled Navitaire to become the first company to be certified by IATA as a ONE Order Capable accounting provider in 2019. We continue to forge ahead with exploratory ONE Order pilot initiatives to help unlock next-generation capabilities.

  • Align front-line customer experience with streamlined back-office integration – from order through settlement.
  • Sidestep duplicative and siloed methods to achieve greater efficiency and better customer service via simplified reservation records with a consolidated reference order.
  • Leverage our New Skies and SkyLedger solutions powering a single source-of-truth via a comprehensive transaction record enabling accounting with full reconciliation between PNR and general ledger.

Navitaire has a long-standing history of working with IATA in its initiatives to help shape the future of travel. From participating in industry panels to providing subject matter experts for pilot programs and more, we’re committed to helping our customers leverage technology and streamline processes to drive future growth. As a leader, Navitaire:

  • Has been an IATA Strategic Partner since 2002.
  • Contributes to the development and enhancement of evolving standards in the Areas of Involvement including Passenger Experience, Revenue Accounting, Pay Account, Plan and Shop Order.
  • Remains a staunch advocate for exploring fresh approaches and newer technologies that help break down barriers to digital transformation.


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