Choice, versatility and flexibility
for innovative, growing carriers

Many of the world’s high-growth airlines rely on Navitaire to expand market reach, drive opportunities and deliver value to travelers. Navitaire is a leading technology partner for visionary low-cost carriers and hybrid carriers of all sizes, recognized as nimble industry transformers making air travel possible for all.

Why growth airlines choose Navitaire

  • Use the leading digital, mobile and e-commerce-first solution, enabled by the Navitaire Digital Platform.
  • Generate more revenue with comprehensive retailing, analytics, optimization and passenger personalization tools.
  • Connect freely to distribution channels and business partners using modern technology.
  • Easily access data, mirrored minute-by-minute, to gain insights and take action.
  • Tap scalable, open architecture and integrated solutions ready to support growth.
  • Join a diverse, global community of visionaries creating the products that travelers demand.

Four ways Navitaire solutions empower growing airlines

Navitaire’s digital e-commerce and integration capabilities help growing carriers deliver more value and connect with travelers across the travel lifecycle. Power your digital transformation – web, mobile, integration, and retailing – with our scalable digital platform’s higher performance, customizable services and advanced development tools. From agents to customers, and devices for the back office, Navitaire’s digital platform helps you gain a competitive edge with tools to launch new channels and products more quickly.

  • Leverage the New Skies® core, an open, extendable and customer-centric platform.
  • Use Navitaire’s flexible digital platform to connect with customers, partners and devices to deliver a consistent, rich, omni-channel experience.
  • Create on-brand, personalized customer interactions across all touchpoints.
  • Take advantage of a comprehensive suite of digital innovation tools.
  • Look to Navitaire Digital Services to help visualize, create, manage and achieve your digital agenda.

Navitaire’s retail-centric platform, built for merchandising from the start, lets you give customers the right offer, at the right time, through the right channel. With Navitaire, you can present customers with personalized offers via a richer, more flexible shopping experience.

  • Use our interactive multi-channel retail platform: API-driven, web, mobile and partner ready.
  • Drive direct ancillary revenue, including sales of partner products and services.
  • Inspire customers by leading with partner products, e.g., a destination or experience.
  • Help improve offer uptake and profitability with AI-powered pricing optimization.
  • Create a partner ecosystem aligned with your brand and customers.
  • Spur loyalty members to build status as you earn revenues from ecosystem partners.

If you are ready to expand your global reach and broaden your distribution model, Navitaire is ready with adaptive technology. You can easily enter into codeshare or interline partnerships, add GDS travel agency sales and connect with NDC-enabled business partners — all while keeping an eye on costs to maintain a streamlined business model.

  • Choose the channel mix that fits your business plan.
  • Use direct API or traditional industry connections for partner sales and IATCI check-in.
  • Link with like-minded NDC-enabled partners via Navitaire NDC Gateway.
  • Take advantage of direct selling connectivity between Navitaire hosted carriers.
  • Harness the power of Amadeus Altéa and Distribution platforms with connections tailored to your business needs:
    • Amadeus Reservations Gateway for worldwide selling.
    • Amadeus Interline Through Check-In Hub for day of departure interline passenger convenience.
    • Amadeus Distribution (GDS) to provide your content to an extensive agency community.

Navitaire solutions are ready to grow with your business. Our portfolio encompasses integrated systems built on common, open architecture and new technology. Key platforms share data in real-time, allowing you to avoid costs, avoid complexity and synchronization delays. Discover how Navitaire can help you unlock opportunities, optimize revenues, leverage data and serve digital customers.