Powering a generation
of leaders

As the original digital pioneer, Navitaire delivers game changing technology that supports some of the most innovative industry leaders.

E-commerce built for today’s digital marketplace

  • Get more flexibility, scalability and access to leading-edge technology with one of the first airline platforms to move to the public cloud.
  • Manage services through a single, flexible solution.
  • Leverage an open and comprehensive collection of APIs and SDKs for seamless integrations with our rich set of capabilities.
  • Integrate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at any point in the travel journey.
  • Link with virtually any business partner around the world.
  • Create customized offers to improve uptake.

A rich history of leading the edge

With the introduction of Open Skies in 1994, Navitaire became a major player in the global transportation industry. Open Skies was the first integrated, web-enabled reservation and inventory system that included integrated Internet, call center, airport check-in and real-time reporting. It went on to fuel many of the world’s most successful airlines — including start-up companies, low-cost and hybrid carriers, as well as established airlines.

In its first 10 years, more than 65 airlines adopted the system and processed over one billion passenger reservations. Open Skies surged ahead of industry competitors by providing new digital retail technology and services across the entire passenger experience.

Open Skies offered its customers a more flexible, efficient and cost-effective way of doing business. The system excelled in four key areas:

  • Direct sales
  • Ancillary sales
  • Customer-centric ticketless technology
  • On demand reporting

The simple, agile and open principles of Open Skies are the bedrock of our advanced solutions. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers leverage modern retailing initiatives, like ONE Order and NDC, and our cloud-first philosophy puts us at the forefront of industry innovation. Our open architecture systems offer flexibility and cloud-native applications to help airlines and rail carriers improve profitability.

As a comprehensive, customer-centric airline and rail passenger sales and management solution, New Skies facilitates integrated Internet sales, mobile booking and check-in, revenue generation opportunities, streamlined boarding and day-of-departure and real-time reporting. Recognized for industry-leading web sales, the platform also offers customer self-service integration and easy connections to global travel agency distribution systems and inter-airline and alliance codeshare services.