Get started the right way:
Navitaire for start-up airlines

Navitaire is the clear choice for start-up airlines looking to enter the market efficiently and economically. Our New Skies® advanced digital “e-commerce first” reservations and ancillary revenue platforms have launched more than 55 air carriers, empowering them with the right tools to get started and the flexibility to scale up when needed.

Why start-up airlines choose the Navitaire platform

  • Proven systems used by successful new starts around the globe that are now industry leaders.
  • Comprehensive retailing and ancillary revenue generation capabilities to boost revenues, drive profits.
  • Modular framework that lets you start with lower risk and add options as you grow.
  • Keen focus on low cost of initial investment.
  • Turnkey solutions for quick deployment.
  • Ready to scale when your volume increases.

Four ways Navitaire solutions empower start-up airlines

From reservations and retailing to check-in, data and analytics, Navitaire has it covered. New Skies, Travel Commerce, GoNow, business intelligence and Navitaire Loyalty solutions can help new carriers soar.

  • Our open architecture and Digital APIs support easy connections to payment providers, mobile platforms, business partners and more.
  • Put the customer at the heart of your business. Ticketless model uses a single record approach, which manages both the offer and the order throughout the passenger lifecycle.
  • Give your customers anytime access through convenient self-service across the travel experience to let them shop, book, pay, redeem and even board.

Our integrated systems are a platform with the potential for growth, known for keeping efficiency, ease of use and interoperability top of mind. Look to Navitaire for market-ready solutions to help you stand out from the competition, connect with business partners and operate with real-time data-driven precision.

Navitaire lets you decide the best combination of direct distribution, industry channels, airline partners or ancillary service companies to meet your goals.

With Navitaire, you can maximize your direct channel sales with confidence — our clients have some of the world’s highest online booking volumes with 90%+. New Skies’ omni-channel approach enables you to extend, augment and optimize your distribution strategies, including:

  • Digital direct channel: Web, mobile and API, plus call center.
  • Indirect: GDS and OTAs via traditional and API connections.
  • Airline partners: Codeshare and interline.
  • New Distribution Capability (NDC)-enabled partners: via Navitaire NDC Gateway. Navitaire is IATA certified as a Level 4 NDC Capable provider.
  • Cross experience: Use Web Services for desktop, kiosk, self-service, travel distributors and other services.

As a new venture, you need as much revenue as possible, as quickly as possible. Improving conversions, together with managing inventory and pricing in a constantly changing environment — against tough competitors — is the key.

  • Leverage New Skies, the powerful engine used by the industry’s ancillary revenue leaders — along with Travel Commerce for insurance, cars and more.
  • Take conversion to the next level using advanced science and machine learning with Navitaire Dynamic Pricing.

Our data rich platforms share real-time data that lets you analyze, optimize, manage and serve. Reporting, data feed, workbench and dashboards put the revenue, customer and operational data you need at your fingertips.

Navitaire revenue accounting helps you track sales, recognize revenue, manage liabilities and settle with partners.

Via SkyLedger® Revenue Accounting, you gain timely, reliable information at the transaction level.

  • Know flight revenue at the time of flight close.
  • Automate ledger entries for each reservation change with confidence, speed and less manual effort.
  • Get detailed data with a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Generate interline or codeshare invoices to facilitate payment from airline partners.
  • Reconcile reservations payments and bookings, plus allocate payments based on carrier rules.