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APO Focus: Interoperability

Ancillary Pricing Optimization (APO) improves interoperability with ONNX partnership

Airlines have some of the most robust customer data of any industry. Traveler information, loyalty programs and purchase history can create large amounts of data, and big data analytics is increasingly a top business priority.

Modern airlines are investing in data scientists and data analytics tools, using real-time facts and figures to drive new revenue by creating compelling, personalized offers for their customers. As the adoption of big data platforms grows, so does the diversity of business use cases and requirements. Interoperability – the ability for platforms to work seamlessly with other products or systems – is one such requirement. Airlines want to use platforms that meet their unique business needs and not be limited by platform compatibility.

Navitaire APO helps carriers leverage and manage data. It facilitates data modeling and incorporates AI and machine learning, allowing carriers to conduct pricing experiments for both flights and ancillary products.

Navitaire added support for ONNX to drive its APO modeling functionality, giving users interoperability and compatibility without being locked into one framework or ecosystem. ONNX is an open source project with contributors from some of the biggest names in software, AI and machine learning. Navitaire’s ability to integrate ONNX converters into APO makes it easier than ever to upload pricing models and conduct testing.

With ONNX, users have access to over a dozen of the most popular platforms – like Google TensorFlow, PyTorch and scikit-learn. Once the model is saved from their platform of choice to an ONNX file format, APO easily consumes it. This means that APO accepts hundreds of different model types, allowing carriers to switch easily between platforms supported by ONNX.

Reach out to your APO contact if you want to learn more about how APO and ONNX work together.

About ONNX

The ONNX community was established in 2017 by Facebook and Microsoft to create an open ecosystem for interchangeable models. Support for ONNX has grown to over 30 registered companies, plus many more end user companies around the world. Learn more.

About Navitaire

Navitaire ( delivers industry-leading technology services supporting growth, profitability and innovation to more than 60 airlines and rail companies worldwide, including many of the world’s most successful low-cost and hybrid airlines. Navitaire offers a full suite of proven solutions focused on revenue generation and streamlining costs in the areas of reservations, ancillary sales, loyalty, revenue management, revenue accounting and business intelligence. Navitaire has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amadeus IT Group.

Airlines have some of the most robust customer data of any industry.